Day 2: Quivertrees and Giant’s Playground

Day 2: Quivertrees and Giant’s Playground

Continuing our Journey we arrived at the quivertree forest camp at around 18:30 on day 1. I must note that I usually write while we are on the road, so my posts might be overlapping a little bit, in this case also covering the evening of day one.

As the sun started to set (happens at about 19:00 here during this time of the year) we went to see the quiver trees, a special kind of tree, that is able to store a lot of water, as it is basically a big sponge. They look really pretty. During sunset I was able to get some really nice pictures. I also tried some star photography, but was not pleased with the results yet. But since the night sky looks amazing here in most places I will certainly retry 🌌

After having completed a long day we decided to test our equipment and grill some sausages, which made for a really nice first dinner.

Next day we took down our roof tents ⛺ (which we all agreed on to be quite comfortable 😁). We spent  some time with breakfast, were we were visited by big swarm of little birds, that live in the quiver trees. They were extraordinarily interested in our honey loop cereals. Perfect time to get out the telephoto lens.

Then we went to explore the forest once again and found quite a few Dassies (Procavia capiensis), small little fellas similar to a gopher. Also we could check out the trees a bit better

The dassies really did not try to hide, some of them even jumped across the path right in front of us.

We finally left the quiver tree camp and headed to our next stop, the Giant's Playground. This place if famous for its stone structures, it is basically a very large field with lots of stacked stones, reminding of building blocks based by giants.

We took some time to explore there, and I also had some time to fly my drone.

Finally we went shopping in Keetmannshoop and continued our journey on the road ... 🚗 Next stop: Aus

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