Day 2 and 3: Klein-Aus Vista Camp

Day 2 and 3: Klein-Aus Vista Camp

After leaving the quiver trees we decided to fill up our Diesel and head on to the next stop: Klein-Aus Vista Camp, a beautiful camp site, situated between some hills. The area is famous for Namibia's wild horses. After checking in we headed straight to a waterhole about 20km from the place to spot some of them.

What we found was a little hideout with a toilet, near a man made waterhole. Several horses where standing there, including a young one. In the hideout we also met a group of old Germans, who where apparently on a round trip, and started to mix their early afternoon gin tonic.

Still amused by the fact how similar these guys where to an average student trip we continued to spot more horses in the distance, some of them slowly approaching the waterhole, some of them just feeding on the dry fields..

Spotting horses (the bus in the back is not ours 😁)

When we came back to the campsite it was time to checkout the sunset by climbing one of the nearby hills.

Johanna did collect a melon like fruit from the waterhole. After doing a quick taste test we decided it is not really good to eat and tastes very bitter. But it seems to be one of the primary sources of liquid for the animals living here. We prepared some delicious pasta and then continued to watch the stars. Unlike the first night it was very, very windy and Lukas spent some time during the night on improving the tents strength with wires. I also took some time to improve my star photo game.

The next day we started by preparing some “Arme Ritter” and then started our next road segment. Before leaving I tried to upload Day 2 of the blog and discovered a problem in my site generation scripts… unfortunately I broke my NodeJS installation completely when trying to fix it, which is why this blog post will only make it to the web much later 😥

The next planed stop is the Namib Lodge, next to the famous D707, one of the desert roads.

Roads in Namibia are named after their surface quality. A and B are tar roads, C and D are gravel roads.

Besides that we can only drive 80 Km/h there and that we collect a high amount of dust, the view proofed to be amazing.

After some time we arrived at the entry of the national reserve, in which the lodge is situated. Entering there we encountered a different area of the savanna. Much more green grass, trees and shrubbery where lining our path. Next to us we got the nearest encounters yet with several Oryxes, Springboks and many different Birds.

Arriving at the lodge we were informed to be the only guests of the day, although they have been pretty booked for the last weeks, so we got lucky.

To get to the campsite we had to leave the lodge again and drive some couple hundred meters back.

The actual campsite had very nice toilets, showers, fireplaces and even proper waste separation. We chose to spent the rest of the day relaxing, staring into the savanna and looking for animals. AS this post has already become pretty long I will continue in the next one… lets hope I can get them online soon….

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