Day 13: Back to Windhoek, back to home

Day 13: Back to Windhoek, back to home

The final day had started and we all knew it was time to go back home. So we used the first half of the day to find all our belongings that where distributed over the car, backpacks, tents and elsewhere and sort them back into our main luggage. Also we still had some food left so we tried to eat most of it and then gave the rest of the leftovers to a lady at the camp. Finally we filled 2 boxes with noodles and green pesto to still have something to eat before we return the car later.

sorting and teardown of the car

I also took another look around the little shower house behind us. It was a bit bigger in the back and also housed a kind of slaughter place, a huge industrial fridge and what seemed to be an emergency power generator.

After finishing our lunch we played cards and I did some final calls with the satellite phone. In the end we never really needed it but it was quite good to know we had it and it worked, so we could have called for help in case of an emergency with no cell phone coverage. That said cellphone coverage was much better than I expected, and only on the longer roads it was not really working.

testing incoming and outgoing calls, all working now

The final kilometers back to Windhoek went pretty smooth, all tar roads, no surprises or anything else.

In Windhoek we gave back our car, ate our food and then met some other fellow Austrians, that had also rented their car at AfricaOnWheels. They asked if we are OK with joining their trip to a "craft market" as there was only one driver who had to bring all of us to the airport, and we where fine with that.

Final picture with the (very dusty) car

The craft market was not too far from the rental place, and was a 3 story building with lots of small shops. A lot of the items sold there we have seen in other places throughout our journey, but here they seemed well made too and also fairly priced. All the owners of the little shops had a shared credit card terminal on each floor, so if one was to buy something with card they would walk you up there, and note down the transaction id to their name. Quite a clever system I though. We bough some souvenirs and then moved on.

At the airport I got some bottles of Namibian gin which I have yet to try and then we started our journey, 10h to Frankfurt, then I went on to Amsterdam and the others took my luggage back to Vienna. At the air field we were greeted by the setting African sun right behind the plane

In general the whole trip went really great, we saw an amazing country with a vast amount of animals, and had a pretty good time. Also I enjoyed how all of our skills added together to nicely during the trip. I can highly recommend Namibia as a country to travel to, and I might do it again in a couple of years from now... Until then, or until I start my next travel blog project:

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Bye Bye Namibia...
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