Day 0: Lets go, or will we ?

Day 0: Lets go, or will we ?
The crew

First day of our Journey, everything is packed, and we are on our way to the Airport... But right when we got on the train to the airport, we all recieved a message "Flight to Frankfurt is canceled".... 🤯

After a short moment of confusion we decided to still head to the airport to check what was going on, in the next half hour our flights got resscheduled to the day after, so the 27th. Three of us where booked to one flight and me to a different one, so when we arrived at the airport we queued up to complain, meanwhile also calling phone support. On the phone they where able to reschedule my flight too... and then we spend the rest of the day very relaxed... In the end it also turned out to be very useful, as my tripod was delivered late, and I could replace a lens that I relized had a broken focus motor when we arrived at the airport.

Lets see how our Journey will go tomorrow... 😁

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